The Cyrex Testing Process


Step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process of Cyrex Testing:


International Cyrex™ Testing: The Process

Instructions And Information


Thank you for your interest in Cyrex tests. Cyrex Laboratories are a state-of-the-art testing facility that measures immune reactions (antibody responses) to environmental antigens and autoimmune reactions to human tissues. The various Cyrex Arrays identify and “measure” several aspects of intestinal permeability, reactions to numerous components of gluten and gluten cross-reactive foods, as well as reactivity to multiple other foods and infectious agents that may be contributing to an inflammatory response and thus potentially inducing or provoking “dis-ease”. Cyrex also offers predictive antibody testing for multiple body/neurological tissues, assesses loss of immune tolerance to chemicals, measures markers relating to irritable bowel / SIBO, blood-brain-barrier permeability and Alzheimer's Disease.


Ordering Cyrex Tests


Cyrex Arrays are available to clients and patients, and advised to be accompanied by a consultation with practitioner (Zoom, Facetime, Skype, telephone or in person). Consultation fees are not included. Please enquire for more information. Cyrex Tests currently available in UK and rest of Europe are listed with prices here.


The following steps will guide you through the entire process of ordering Cyrex Tests. If you would like to schedule a consultation or have any test-related question, please contact us.  Please request a consultation if you wish to discuss your health issues and/or receive advice on which tests to choose.


Once you are ready to proceed, please follow the steps below:


Step 1: Pay for Cyrex Tests (via Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer or Transferwise)              

  • Go to this page to pay for your Cyrex tests* via the PayPal link. Use the drop down menus to select the tests that you wish to order and pay for.
  • You can alternatively pay by Direct Deposit (pound sterling) directly into our account or make payment via “Transferwise” (card or bank account). Please email us if you’d like to set up an alternative payment method.
  • In addition to Cyrex test fees, you may also need to pay for blood draw (step 6) and shipping (steps 4 & 9).


Step 2: Complete Order Form

  • Patient details are required by Cyrex laboratories at point of ordering. Please complete the test order form below the payment boxes with patient details and contact details of other preferred contact where appropriate.  You will also be given the option here to request further information.


Step 3: Cyrex Requisition Document

  • Once you have placed your order and payment has been received, you will receive your Cyrex Requisition form by email within approximately 2 working days.  If you need this urgently, please notify us at point of ordering.


Step 4: Cyrex Test Kits

  • Tubes for the blood/serum sample, together with phlebotomist instructions and shipping pack are contained within the Cyrex Test Kit, which you’ll need prior to next step.
    • UK: Once you have ordered and paid for your Cyrex Tests, you’ll receive a payment link for sending your Cyrex Test Kit by post and for the one-way courier fees to return the test kit with your sample(s) back to the UK-based laboratory.  Your Cyrex test kit will be sent to you once the this invoice has been settled.
    • Mainland Europe: Once you have ordered and paid for Cyrex Tests, you will receive a link via email to request payment for sending Cyrex Test Kit out to you. Your Cyrex test kit will be sent to you once the this invoice has been settled.
    • Mainland Europe To ship your sample back to Regenerus Labs in UK: You can either make your own arrangements for sample shipping or request that Regenerus Labs arrange shipping on your behalf.  For Regenerus Labs to arrange sample shipping on your behalf, please send email to at least 48 working hours before despatch of your sample(s). They will require your name, address, contact telephone number, shipping date, practitioner name "KENT NUTRITION CLINIC", and a 3 hour preferred collection window.
  • Please note that your test kit may contain vials for collecting both blood and saliva. Please note that most Cyrex tests require blood draw only (not saliva). Cyrex Array 14 alone requires a saliva specimen instead of blood.


Step 5: Important Information

  • Medications that may interfere with Cyrex test results:
    • Immunosuppressant and corticosteroid drugs can reduce antibody production and cause false negative results. Ask your pharmacist if your prescribed medications are immunosuppressant or steroid-class medications. If so, it is recommended to wait 60 days after completing the prescription for it to clear the system and allow the normal production of antibodies. This is required for accurate antibody measuring. Do not stop these medications without instructions from your prescribing doctor.
    • Inhalers can affect test results. Wait two weeks after completion of the inhalant dosage before collecting the specimen. Do not stop these medications without instructions from your prescribing doctor.
    • Other prescription and OTC medications may interfere with the results of Array 11.
  • Infections may interfere with test results.
    • Please contact us if you are concerned about this.


Step 6: Arranging your Blood Draw

  • Book your phlebotomy appointment Monday to Thursday, preferably in the morning to comply with shipping guidelines.
    • UK Patients: Please follow this link to source your nearest suitable blood draw service. There are many options throughout London and the rest of the UK, some of whom provide a mobile phlebotomy service and will visit you at home.
    • If none of these options are accessible to you, many private hospitals and independent phlebotomists offer private phlebotomy services. Try searching online to find your nearest clinic. If you have any difficulty, we can help you find a suitable service.
    • International Patients: You may request that your local healthcare practitioner, hospital or a laboratory draw your blood and prepare it for shipping. When you book your blood draw appointment, you should try to ensure that the service provider is able to centrifuge your sample.
  • When you phone to book your appointment, state that you require a private blood draw for Cyrex Laboratory Tests, that you will be bringing the test collection kit, and that your sample should if possible be centrifuged (spun to separate blood components). The centrifuge is not absolutely essential, provided your sample reaches the UK laboratory within 24 hours.
  • Average cost in UK is approximately £30, payable directly to phlebotomy service provider.


Step 7: Preparing for your Blood Draw

  • Please ensure that you avoid deep-fried or fatty foods for at least 24 hours prior to your blood draw. Lipemia (high concentrations of emulsified fat) will cause the blood to change from liquid to solid and will require a new test kit and a redraw. This is NOT a fasting test.
  • Also you should ensure that you drink approximately 2lt of water during the day before the blood draw and at least 450ml on the morning of the blood draw.


Step 8: Having your Blood Drawn

  • Please ensure that you read and complete the paperwork within your test collection kit.
  • Take the test collection kit with you and hand it to the phlebotomist before they draw your blood.
  • You should allow about an hour for the appointment, due to the centrifugation process.
  • The phlebotomist will prepare your sample/test kit for shipping and give this to you to dispatch. Certain London-based phlebotomy services will ship the sample on your behalf.
  • ATTENTION: Please ensure dates on sample vials are written in international format (dd/mm/yyyy).  In contrast, dates on Cyrex Test Requisitions are in US format (mm/dd/yy).


Step 9: Dispatch sample same day by next-day delivery to the UK laboratory as per address label

  • Use the packaging box provided together with the enclosed address label.
  • Fees for post/courier are additional costs, payable in advance. 
  • Please do not ship Cyrex samples over the weekend or public holidays.
  • Ensure that sample is dispatched on the same day that the blood is drawn, by next day delivery service if possible. If you are not able to do this, please ensure that your sample is centrifuged and then kept refrigerated overnight, before dispatching on the next day. Please note that it is important to centrifuge your sample if your postal/courier service is likely to take longer than 1 day.
    • UK Shipping: Dispatch your sample Monday to Thursday by next day courier service according to instructions found within Cyrex Test Kit.  Your test kit includes instructions for next day courier service to the UK-based laboratory. This shipping service is payable before the test kit is sent out to you.
    • Rest-of-Europe Shipping:
      - Payment for return shipping is requested after you have placed your Cyrex order and is required in advance of sending your Cyrex test kit to you.  Once you have received your test kit, please arrange a blood draw so that you will be able to dispatch your sample Monday to Wednesday.
      - Once you have arranged your blood draw, please email laboratory with your full name, address, phone number and blood-draw-date to request your DHL shipping label "Waybill" and other shipping information.
      - You will then need to telephone the courier to book a collection or to locate your nearest drop off centre.
      - Please save the long waybill number, which is across the middle of the label, so you can track your package.
      - The shipping label has 2 pages, both of which need to be printed. These should then be folded, with the bar code clearly visible, and placed in the clear outer document pocket which is on the outside fo the DHL shipping bag. No other documents should be placed in here. All other paperwork, including test requsition form, must be inside the box that you are shipping.

      When you contact DHL you must:
      - Advise them that you have a pre-paid shipping label

      - Request a standard collection with overnight delivery
      - Important: Do NOT request or agree to a "Medical Express Service". This is not required and will incur an additional premium fee.
  • The package should not be in transit over the weekend, therefore it must arrive by Friday at the latest in any given week.
  • NB: One or two of the Central London phlebotomy services listed will dispatch the sample on your behalf (you will still need to pay the shipping fee).

Step 10: Test Results

  • Your test results will be made available to Kent Nutrition Clinic when available, usually within 22 working days . The Cyrex Test Reports will then be emailed to you. It is recommended that you schedule a consultation with one of our functional medicine practitioners to discuss your test results and their implications on your health.


Step 11: Additional Testing using same blood sample - one time opportunity

  • Blood samples are held by Cyrex laboratories for a limited period of time for the purpose of ordering additional Cyrex Arrays, which may be indicated by your first set of results. Once you have received your Cyrex test reports, you'll have the option to order additional Cyrex Arrays using the same blood sample. It is usually possible to order any number of "Add-On" tests using your existing blood sample, so long as all arrays required are ordered together in the same "Add-On" order, within 85 days of the first order date.
  • Cyrex Add-On tests may be ordered via our Cyrex Order Page, ensuring that you check the box "Please process as add-on to existing blood sample. Please also include your Cyrex Requisition ID in the box indicated on this order form (this number is printed below the bar code on your first Cyrex Test Requisition Form).
  • Please enquire if you'd like to consult with a clinician to help discern which additional Array(s) may be most helpful for you.


Step 12: Consultations: Individualized advice and support from Cyrex-experienced clinicians

  • To achieve optimum benefit from your Cyrex Tests, please request health consultation(s) with Cyrex-experienced clinician. You will then have opportunity to discuss your test results, the implications on your health, and whether you might benefit from any further diagnostics and/or intervention strategies.
  • Many chronic health issues develop over several years/decades. It requires time and dedication to unravel the web of your health complaints and thus to achieve vibrant health and wellbeing. We are pleased to offer this service at Kent Nutrition Clinic.
  • You can request a consultation here, or request consultation when you place your order for Cyrex Tests.


Cancellation Policy for Cyrex Tests

  • Cyrex test cancellations are only accepted prior to specimen accessioning. A request for test cancellation received after accessioning cannot be honoured, and the test will be performed at the normal price.
  • Additional "Add-On" Cyrex Tests (ordered as "Add-Ons" to existing blood sample) are accessioned immediately thus cancellations are not usually possible.
  • Requests for refund should be made in writing and include your Cyrex Test Requisition ID.
  • All cancelled Cyrex Tests incur a £35 processing fee per Array.
  • Phlebotomy, shipping fees and processing fees are not refundable.
  • Refunds will be provided based on the method of payment and are only made to the account or person who paid for the test. Please allow up to two weeks to process refunds.
  • Cancellation requests must be made within 28 days of order date. No refunds are available after 30 days.


Any Further Questions?

  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.
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