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Diagnostic laboratory tests from Cyrex, Dutch, Genova, Armin Labs and many more diagnostic testing facilities

Testing samples of blood, bloodspot, urine, stool, hair, saliva, breath & buccal-swab


Private health tests may be run via a wide variety of human samples. You can collect the samples for many of these tests in the comfort of your own home with the aid of bespoke test kits which will be posted to you.

Each test requires a different type / types of samples. You may elect for a blood test, but we can also test samples of stool, urine, hair, saliva, breath and buccal swab (cheek swab for DNA testing), most of which may be self-collected.  Even some blood samples may be self-collected when a bloodspot (fingerprick) test is possible.


Need Some Guidance?

You'll find a selection of the many lab tests available summarised below. All these and more can be requisitioned via Kent Nutrition Clinic. If you would like guidance on test selection and/or ordering tests, or wish to discuss the implications of your test results with a clinician (recommended), please contact us for more information.


Lab tests at a glance


Private laboratory tests relating to gluten and other food sensitivities, food intolerances, food allergy, auto-immunity, brain health, hormones, stress and adrenal issues, thyroid, digestion, gut bacteria, leaky gut, IBS, SIBO, nutritional status, chemical sensivities, chronic infections including Lyme Disease, genomics, histamine intolerance, cardiovascular health and many more.


Lab tests can play an important role in rooting out the underlying causes of your diseases or figuring out why you just don't feel right. Tests can also aid diagnosis, predict health risks, determine the basis of your health protocols and measure your progress. State-of-the-art testing can make all the difference to enable you to optimise your health. Choosing from the thousands of tests available to us can be highly challenging and demands professional expertise. Some patients require genetic testing, to ascertain their health risks. Many people require reliable food intolerance testing or wish to unravel the complex web of their autoimmune disease. Others suspect they have Lyme Disease, or have developed multiple chemical sensitivities, but can't get help from their GPs. Still others are desperate to decipher their numerous health and hormone complaints, to figure out what they can do about it.


If you'd like help deciding which test(s) to choose, experienced clincians are happy to assist. Clinician-consultations are recommended to help you select lab tests very carefully to meet your specific individual needs. Once you receive your test reports, you may need to schedule a consultation to discuss their implications on your health. Please note that consultations are not included in test fees.


Kent Nutrition Clinic commissions a wide variety of functional & diagnostic tests from multiple laboratories in UK and worldwide. These include:

Need Some Guidance?

Please get in touch if you would like guidance on test selection and/or ordering tests. It can be helpful to arrange a consultation with a functional medicine practitioner, so that you can discuss your health issues and receive guidance on how best to proceed. You many also be eligible to receive a complimentary clinician call.

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