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Bestellungen und Bezahlung für Labortests


How to Order Cyrex Tests

Ready to order your Cyrex tests? Please pay below via Paypal (credit/debit card)**. Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer upon request. Once you have made payment, please be sure to submit patient details by completing the form at the end of this page.


Which Tests Do I Need?

Links for info re each Cyrex Test may be accessed here. If you still don't know which tests are right for you, or the amount you should pay, please contact us.


Cyrex Testing Process and Bloods

Please follow the link for step-by-step instructions as to the entire Cyrex Testing Process. This includes information concerning pre-test requirements and a link to UK-wide phlebotomy services.  Almost all Cyrex orders require a blood sample.  Please pay phlebotomy provider directly for this service, which is not included in the Cyrex test fees


Cyrex UK: What Happens Next?

After paying for your Cyrex Tests and completing the patient details below, you will be invoiced for two-way shipping of Cyrex Test Kit (to you) and your Cyrex blood sample (to the UK-based laboratory). Once payment is received, you should expect to receive your Cyrex Test Kit by post and your Cyrex Test Requisition Form by email. Please allow 3 working days.


Cyrex European Countries (Non-UK): What Happens Next?

Mainland Europe including Republic of Ireland: After paying the Cyrex Test fees and then completing the patient details in the form below, you will receive your Cyrex Test Requisition Form by email. A link will subsequently be sent to you via email to pay for shipping your Cyrex Test Kit out to you.  Your Cyrex Test kit will be dispatched to you once this is paid. You will have the option to arrange sample shipping to UK once you have booked your blood draw, or alternatively you can make your own arrangements. Please refer to the Cyrex Testing Process for more information.


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Please note that Cyrex testing services are available to Kent Nutrition Clinic clients only and must be accompanied by a consultation with Cyrex-experienced clinician. Consultations are not included in the Cyrex test fees. Please enquire.


Pay for Cyrex Tests Here and Complete Your Order by Entering Patient Details Below


Cyrex Laboratory Tests: Arrays 2-10

Please click on the drop-down menu to select Cyrex Arrays and add them to your shopping cart. Then pay** using the PayPal checkout (credit & debit cards are accepted here).***

Cyrex Tests
Cyrex Laboratory Tests: Arrays 11-22

Please click on the drop-down menu to select Cyrex Arrays and add them to your shopping cart. Then pay** using the PayPal checkout (credit & debit cards are accepted here).***

Cyrex Tests
Test Kit & Shipping (UK only)

For UK addresses only, please select this option if you require a test kit.
For non-UK orders, please check the box below Patient Details to request payment link for shipping.

Test Kit & UK Shipping

Complete Your Order: Patient Details Required


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Should you experience any difficulty submitting this form, please email us directly with the above information. Thank you.


Cancellation Policy for Cyrex Tests


  • Cyrex test cancellations are only accepted prior to specimen accessioning. A request for test cancellation received after accessioning cannot be honoured, and the test will be performed at the normal price.
  • Requests for refund should be made in writing and include your Cyrex test requisition number.
  • All cancelled Cyrex Tests incur a processing fee of £45 per Array.
  • Additional payment processing fees may be incurred for non-UK refunds, depending upon payment/refund method.
  • Fees for phlebotomy, shipping and processing are not refundable.
  • Cancellation requests must be made within 28 days of order date. No refunds are available after 30 days.
  • No cancellations are possible for Cyrex orders processed as "ADD-ON" tests - added onto existing blood sample. This applies when additional Cyrex Arrays are ordered against a sample that is already in the possession of Cyrex Laboratories, meaning that specimens are usually accessioned immediately.

** NB: Prices above do not include phlebotomy fees or shipping.


*** Surcharge may apply if paying via PayPal. To avoid this charge we recommend that you pay by direct bank transfer or Transferwise Bank Transfer for payments in non-UK currencies. Please email for details.


UK Patients:

Please note that if you have requested a Cyrex test kit, the lab will contact you to make payment for 2-way shipping (to send test kit to you and your samples to UK-based laboratory). Two-way shipping for UK Cyrex orders is £13-£14 (accurate at January 2021).


Non-UK Patients:
Shipping fees vary according to country  Europe-based patients will be asked to pay for one way shipping (test kit to be sent out to you), with the option to also order sample shipping.  For more information please refer to the Cyrex Testing Process.

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